Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland
Supporting people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for over 20 years
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‘Finding Our Voices’ Day
We were disappointed when Lee Ridley, the main attraction for the Finding Our Voices day on 19th August, had to cancel at the last minute due to illness. Lee also had to cancel his remaining shows on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We hope you’ll be well again soon, Lee.
We were able to show a video of Lee, taken at last year’s Communication Matters Conference, and re-jigged the timetable a little, so it was still an enjoyable and useful day.
Janet Scott gave a description of current services for people who use AAC in Scotland. A number of points were raised in the discussion that followed, including:

The importance of personal assistants in the lives of people who use AAC;

The need for FE courses to help people make better use of their communication aids.
Janet reminded everybody that there was still time to respond to the consultation on the AAC Education and Development Framework.
Barry Smith described the work of Communication Matters and people were asked to fill in questionnaires.
Best Joke Competition
People shared their favourite jokes and a judging panel picked three winners:
Shaun Sinclair for “I’ve a friend who’s in love with two schoolbags - that’s right, he’s bi-satchel.”
Scott Wood for “A man goes to the zoo and sees the elephant keeper crying. He asks him what’s wrong. The keeper says one of the elephants has just died. The man says, ‘Oh, sorry. Were you fond of it?’ ‘No,’ says the keeper, ‘I’ve just been told I’ve got to bury the bugger!’”
Ross MacNeill for “Why did the Mexican strangle his wife? Tequila!”
Barry Smith Describes the work of Communication Matters. Filling in the Communication Matters Questionnaire Ross MacNeill prepares to tell his joke.