Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland

Supporting people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for over 25 years

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What is Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland?

Established in 1991, Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland (ACiP:S) is a national network that links together specialist AAC services and professionals; children and adults who use AAC (and their families); statutory services and voluntary agencies; and that provides resources, information and support.

ACiP:S - Building an AAC community

ACiP:S is not a ‘service’. It is a multi-disciplinary group that is deeply committed to AAC and people who use AAC. ACiP:S is the core or ‘hub’ of the AAC community in Scotland. ACiP:S works to move AAC forward in Scotland in a variety of ways.

ACiP:S - Coordinating and Linking

ACiP:S members collaborate and cooperate. They link with many agencies providing information and training in the United Kingdom and beyond. The network can help to focus activity centrally and acts as a coordinating body for Scotland in the field of AAC.

ACiP:S also acts as the Scottish ‘arm’ of the national UK charity Communication Matters (which in turn is the UK branch of ISAAC, the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

Latest News

The Discover Technology Day hosted in Edinburgh on 24th June by Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland was a very successful event for adults with communication difficulties. Visitors had a chance to find out about some of the latest communication devices and also to take part in various activities relating to the use of technology.

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Visitors to the Discover Technology Day